Alumni Services

CFUF recognizes the need for a consistent support system for our skilled program graduates. Through our innovative Alumni Services component, CFUF is able to galvanize a network of trained graduates, including young fathers of dependent children, into a positive force throughout their various Baltimore City communities.

The mission of Alumni Services is to enhance the lives of our members by offering an extended continuum of support in responsible fatherhood and family strengthening, career planning and advancement, educational advancement, mentoring, and economic self-sufficiency.

Our vision is to keep our alumni connected to CFUF’s resources, while providing direct access to the services and supports necessary to encourage the continued growth and development of each of our members.

The Alumni Services program maintains a 2-year minimum commitment for graduate engagement and is implemented with the following goals:

  • Building a wider sense of community and reinvestment by fostering an ongoing venue for positive client engagement, incentive building, social and interpersonal skills development, and networking;
  • Connecting program alumni with the resources necessary to ensure continued personal growth, career development, and sustained impact;
  • Serving as the repository for graduate feedback, and facilitation of client advocacy where appropriate;
  • Ensuring consistent graduate follow-up throughout the CFUF 2-year commitment, through client surveys, data management, and other methods of communication.


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