Baltimore Responsible Fatherhood Project

Central to CFUF's mission is the belief that men—the most disconnected and underserved citizens in urban communities—who connect with women, their children, and the workplace are key to the restoration of stability and optimism.
The Baltimore Responsible Fatherhood Project (BRFP) is an outgrowth of the Center for Urban Families’ twenty-two year-old Men’s Services program, serving Baltimore’s low-income fathers and communities.

The broader goals of the program are to increase fathers’ emotional and financial support of their children and families by:

    - Increasing child support awareness and management
    - Improving acquisition and demonstration of parenting skills
    - Increasing healthy relationships and effective communication
    - Increasing client job readiness and employability

The BRFP delivers services through a comprehensive three-month cohort model, which consists of case management, support service referrals, and educational workshops. The key components of the BRFP are intense case management, father-child activities and weekly fatherhood group sessions. BRFP's core components are supported by outreach and recruitment, intake and enrollment and service needs assessments.

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