Client Services

At CFUF, we have mastered the strategy of meeting individuals where they are. If their needs are in workforce development, responsible fatherhood, and family services, then that’s what we provide.

Through our intensive case management model and extensive range of community and agency partnerships, our staff assists our clients in tackling multiple barriers to success, such as employment, housing, childcare, life skills and criminal histories, all with a core interest in helping each individual progress towards greater personal and professional fulfillment. 

What makes us unique is our ability to serve our clients through an integrated strategy of wrap-around services. It is because of this structure that, in addition to the numerous resources made available to our clients through direct enrollment in programs offered, each participant is given access to a number of comprehensive internal services that provide critical access to supports in workforce development, economic stability and healthy relationships.

CFUF stays with its clients for multiple years, because of the understanding that even motivated individuals face hurdles on the path to change that can appear insurmountable without support provided at exactly the right moment.

Examples of our current partners include:


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