Workforce Development

At CFUF, we know that Baltimore doesn’t have a jobs shortage. Rather, Baltimore has trouble connecting its residents to the thousands of job vacancies in this city. At CFUF, we’re trying to bridge that disconnect by preparing Baltimore’s un- and under-employed for the jobs already out there.

Specializing in serving Baltimore’s most hard-to-reach populations, such as the formerly incarcerated and chronically un- or under-employed, the CFUF Workforce Development Program (WDP) consists of the following core components:

  • Pre-employment services to help low-income workers secure employment (STRIVE Baltimore);
  • Job retention and advancement programs to help low-income workers stay employed, advance in the workplace, and move towards family-sustaining wages;
  • Market-driven training and certification programs;
  • Intensive career and family-focused case management; and, through leveraged support,
  • Access to critical work supports and work-related benefits, including transportation subsidies, clothing assistance, and on-site access to a comprehensive supportive service referral system.

The WDP is intentionally structured to increase client access to a comprehensive range of job acquisition, retention and advancement services and work supports. The WDP’s team is managed from and housed at CFUF’s centrally located headquarters at 2201 N. Monroe Street in the Greater Mondawmin neighborhood. CFUF’s location is conveniently located within walking distance of a major bus thoroughfare and subway line.

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