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Center For American Progress Lists CFUF as a Critical Program for Addressing Challenges Facing Fathers of Color
[Excerpt from Center for American Progress]

As we celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, it is worthwhile to reflect on the importance of fathers who too often go unrecognized in family and social policy: low-income fathers of color, who are frequently dogged by negative stereotypes.

More than two-thirds of Latino fathers reside in the same household with their children, cohabitating at rates on par with the national average of 68.6 percent. Although black men are the demographic group least likely to live with their children, noncustodial black fathers participate in their children’s upbringing at rates nearly double that of noncustodial white and Latino fathers, and their children are more likely to report positive contact and relationships with their fathers.

Improvements in a father’s economic security better prepare him to provide financial support to his children, who need to be lifted and kept out of poverty. Leaders from across the country, including President Barack Obama, are supporting efforts such as the Center for Urban Families, or CFUF, in Baltimore, Maryland, which offers low-income fathers parenting and workforce-development services. These valuable community assets are providing ladders of opportunity, generating significant progress in helping low-income fathers improve their economic standing, and shifting the narrative on fathers of color.

More policy attention, however, must be paid to their needs and those of all low-income fathers. In terms of employment, health, housing stability, incarceration, and mental health, low-income fathers fall far behind other fathers, as the data presented below demonstrate.

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