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CEO Joe Jones Discusses the Importance of Fathers to Economic and Family Stability in Baltimore
[Excerpt from the Job Opportunities Task Force]

In honor of Father’s Day, the Job Opportunities Task Force recently sat down with Joseph T. Jones, Kr., president, founder and CEO, for the Center for Urban Families. JOTF works with CFUF to place Baltimore residents in Project JumpStart, our construction training program.

CFUF works with Baltimore fathers to strengthen urban communities by helping them reach stability and economic success. The organization recruits directly off Baltimore streets and works to ensure their clients are connected to opportunities for housing, employment and parenting resources.  

JOTF: Why is your focus primarily on Baltimore fathers?

Jones: What we do is identify guys who happen to be fathers with children between ages 0 to 13, and that’s sort of refined criteria for us. What we wanted to do is be able to identify fathers with children in that age range so we have the potential to help impact the development of a child during a stage of development where there’s still room for growth.

JOTF: Why do you believe that fathers, especially with kids in this age range, are so key to economic stability?

Jones: We have too many of our children who are growing up in households where men don’t reside, in this case, their fathers. The children’s outlook on life, their views, their behavior, their values, are going to be shaped. The question is who is going to help shape them? And if they’re being shaped without the benefit of the other half of the partnership that helped to bring that child into the world, then for many of our children, particularly in poor communities, it’s left to some vehicle on the street.

JOTF: What are some of the things that you try to teach men who come to your organization?

Jones: Once we can reach that level of agreement with them, we start thinking about what are the parenting skills from a male perspective? Men and women approach parenting differently, it’s not that males are any better than females, or moms any less than dads, it’s just that we have complimentary attributes. For us its recognizing that these men are parents, but they are parents in a different way and to be able to communicate to them how children develop, how they don’t necessarily have to have a monetary contribution to be engaged in that child’s life, and the kind of things they can acquire in terms of just skills to be able to parent from a male perspective.

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