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The Glover Report Highlights President Obama's Visit to CFUF
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A few weeks ago, President Obama came to Baltimore. It wasn't his first time.  However, never before did he spend such quality time in our beloved hometown.

For instance, his Friday, May 17th visit included a Presidential presence at the one and only Frederick Douglass High School. People are still talking about the presidential helicopter a blink away from Mondawmin Mall at Black West Baltimore's most noted high school named after the famous abolitionist.

Honestly, when I learned about it, I was so warmed.

The man could have used any point in Baltimore to land or take off. The very thought of him paying homage to Frederick Douglass - indirectly - speaks volumes.

Personally, I'm not surprised. Slightly impressed - but not surprised. I say 'slightly' because if you know Keven Lewis or anything about the President's outreach in the African American community, then one will have a sense of how in-tune Pres. Obama is with Baltimore.

After all, we're only 45 minuates away from the White House.

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