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Yesterday marked a pivotal point for organizations around the country whose programming aims to aide disadvantaged young men. President Barack Obama announced his "My Brother's Keeper" initiative that will support young men of color by urging foundations and businesses to claim a stake in their success. ... Read More
[Excerpt from The Baltimore Sun] Obama ended his Baltimore swing by speaking with fathers who had been helped by the Center for Urban Families, a workforce development group that has connected thousands of fathers with stable employment. Marcus Dixon, an alumni of the program, told the president ho... Read More
[Excerpt from The Baltimore Sun] After he and his wife separated in 2007, Bruce Jordan, 37, entered a long custody battle for one of their children, Matthew, an active 7-year-old who loves watching "SpongeBob SquarePants" and other cartoons. The father of seven children in all, Jordan, who lives i... Read More
[Excerpt from The Baltimore Sun] Derek Liggins can't keep himself from looking at ceilings. When out with his wife, he stares upward, checking out the ductwork - something his bride of two weeks finds bizarre. That happens, the 42-year-old says, because what he does for a living stays with him all ... Read More
[Excerpt from The Baltimore Sun] Delonte Mohamed was taken with Satrina McDuffie's intuitive nature. She was unable to resist his "mushy side," hidden to most by a rough exterior. Within a few months, they knew: It was love. A year later, the couple are expecting a baby boy, adding to McDuffie's br... Read More
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