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"Begin Again" - Tiffany's STRIVE Cycle 182 Perspective
Beginning is the hardest part. Starting is the most daunting task. Why is this? The paralyzing logic:  if we start, we are compelled to follow through, and not only finish, but finish well. In 2013, STRIVE Baltimore has graduated over 300 participants. All of these individuals decided to start and complete the training. Each cycle unique and flavorful, but they all have one thing in common; they believe in renewal. A part of what made Cycle 182 special was that as they celebrated their graduation at the end of the year, they could also celebrate a new beginning. Their chance of changing and starting fresh is totally dependent on their drive and willingness to do things in a new way. STRIVE cannot absolve criminal backgrounds, nor grant magical diplomas. It can, however, be a mirror for those we serve to use daily. This powerful tool is what makes our 2013 graduates stand out. They understand how much power they have and they are equipped to use it skillfully to begin again.

In their new lives, our graduates want to work. They understand that being useful to the world is about living with purpose, passion, and planning. They understand that the dignity that comes from working and providing stability is unmatched by anything their past can offer. None of them want to be POOR. Poverty is not just a social phenomenon of the poor not having what they need to live a healthy quality of life. Nor is it just a state of mind. It is also a cycle. A part of breaking this cycle can be attributed one’s access to resources and employment. What we’ve offered alumni is a chance to not only break the cycle, but to also live positively again. As long as they understand that graduation is not an end, but a chance to begin again, they have gained what they need to be successful throughout their post-STRIVE lives.

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