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"Giving Everyone A New Start" - PLI Academy Blog post

Working with military fathers is only a piece of what we do at Horizon Outreach. Based in Houston, Texas, I founded the non-profit in 2010, with a mission of “Giving Everyone A New Start.” Offering five programs, Horizon Outreach’s hallmark is the Horizon Eagle Program, of which we have served over 348 military fathers through providing parenting, healthy relationship and employment education and assistance. As a corporate business woman, entrepreneur and United States Air Force Veteran, I am passionately committed to making a difference in the lives of homeless military veterans/non-veterans and their families.

In 2013 I was welcomed into the first cohort of the Practitioners Leadership Institute (PLI) Academy, an 8-month non-traditional leadership program for high impact human service professionals. My experience with the PLI Academy was simply amazing; I had opportunities to expand my professional horizons and network with other practitioners, specifically those focused within fatherhood. During my time as a PLI Academy fellow, I learned key strategies that are furthering the vision of Horizon Outreach, and positively impacting fathers served by the organization. The Program Return on Investment (PROI) learning engagements were valuable, and I have been able to launch components immediately at Horizon Outreach. The networking opportunities with the other Academy fellows provided me opportunities to receive and share insights into daily organizational activities, to programmatic best practices; ultimately these engagements have improved our program service delivery.

Overall, my participation as a PLI Academy fellow was a very rewarding experience; I applaud Mr. Jones’ (CEO/President, CFUF) vision to bring practitioners together in a platform that will evoke conversations around sustaining the fields (i.e. fatherhood, workforce development, family strengthening and boys and men of color). I believe what the PLI Academy offers is timely for progressing the movement to support and uplift low-income fathers and families; it was the exact support that Horizon Outreach needed in order to enhance our services, specifically for our military fathers.

Katrina R. Johnson

CEO/Founder, Horizon Outreach
PLI Academy Graduate
(713) HORIZON (467-4966)
Twitter: @Horizonoutreach
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