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Success Stories: Linda Scruggs

Author: CFUF

November 10, 2019

There are people from all walks of life who come to CFUF and the Center welcomes you just the same.

There isn’t a single person there that I can honestly say does not enjoy what they do. You feel it the second you walk through the doors. They care and they are ready to help with whatever it is they can help with.

Despite having a BA degree and working all my life, I couldn’t find a job after I was laid off when my company moved their headquarters to Kansas City. That’s when a friend told me about STRIVE®. The program and the people truly gave me a sense of myself. They taught me things I was able to do better that I wasn’t even aware of. Attitude is a big thing and I learned how to be more rational, to not be so quick to fly off the handle and go on the defense all the time. I graduated the program in 2013, got a job, and got married all in the same year. Talk about milestones! STRIVE® was very instrumental and I am forever grateful. CFUF doesn’t stop there though—they are a lifelong support resource. When I was recently at the Center, I told Miss Pitchford how I needed a new suit for an upcoming job interview but new suits can be expensive. She showed up the next day with a suit for me to borrow out of her closet. I tell young people I meet about STRIVE® and the impact CFUF can have on your life. I empower them with knowledge and hope to inspire change.