By the Numbers

20 Years of Impact and Counting

2019 marks the Center for Urban Families’ 20th anniversary and the transformation of 29,200 lives through our services. Additionally 67,367 children’s lives have been touched through members that have participated in our programming and 4,154 full-time jobs have been secured. It has been an amazing first 20 years!

There is so much to celebrate, but as our Founder/President/CEO, Joseph T. Jones, Jr., acknowledges in his opening letter of our Impact Report, “For far too many residents of Baltimore City, the desire for success still remains a distant dream, almost impossible to achieve alone. In this reality and in the same passion that ignited our start in 1999, that continues to fuel us today. Seventy percent of our members are parents who reside in challenging communities that demographers consistently say neither they, nor their children, can supersede. We have seen first-hand that when provided the opportunity and support, these individuals can beat the odds.”

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Read our full 2019 Impact Report.

Who Comes to CFUF: Our Members


70% male


46% ages 18 to 29; 54% ages 30 and older

Per capita income

Below $30,600 for most


Majority renting (“couch surfing” and homelessness combined almost equals renting)

Public Assistance

60% Access Food Stamps

Highest Education Completed

63% cite highest education completed as H.S. diploma or GED

Upon receiving our services, more than 72% of members are placed in full-time employment.

As a part of our All-In model we’re using a self-sufficiency scoring system to continually assess our members across 10 critical dimensions of self-sufficiency: Safety, Housing, Education, Financial Capability, Transportation, Legal, Child Support, Childcare, Workforce Attachment, and Behavioral Health.

Members are assessed using benchmark scores from 0-4 which represent:

  • 0 – In Crisis
  • 1 – Vulnerable
  • 2 – Safe
  • 3 – Stable
  • 4 – Thriving

Upon receiving services and completing training, 72% of our members are placed in full-time employment.

Average Hourly Wage at Placement

  • Manufacturing: $18.50
  • Transportation: $17.57
  • Overall Average: $12.33

Compared to Current Minimum Wage in Maryland: $10.10

Employment Type

Wage averages figured for placements January 1, 2018 thru December 31, 2018.

  • Members who applied: 1,213
  • Members who enrolled: 720
  • Members who completed programming: 374
  • Members who secured employment: 268