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Our All In Approach

All In is the Center for Urban Families’ comprehensive strategy to accelerate social and economic opportunity and advocate for policies that promote equity and racial justice.

Leveraging 20 years of positive impact and applied learnings, the All In strategy targets two critical areas: chronic underemployment and family instability. The approach links individual accountability, person-centered case management, and supportive networks with workforce development training, education, and civic engagement.

All In dismantles poverty and builds long-term social and economic prosperity that results in brighter futures for our members, their families, and the communities in which they live.

CFUF works with 1,400 men and women each year through comprehensive program offerings that are designed to help individuals and families attain and sustain self-sufficiency.

Our Core Programs

Economic Success

A comprehensive approach to help members find, keep, and succeed in living-wage jobs.

STRIVE® Baltimore is an intensive 3-week workshop that combines tangible skills, such as resume writing and interviewing, with attitudinal training that empowers our members to overcome personal barriers to employment.

STRIVE® Future Leaders is a 4-week program for justice-involved youth, ages 18-24. The program starts with self-discovery, a personal assessment and goal-setting, then transitions to career exploration, community service, and job-readiness training. Social-emotional learning and leadership training are incorporated in accordance with the latest work on youth development.

Back to Business is a 3-day job readiness program that provides soft skills and a basic understanding of organizational psychology and career development to members with previous employment experience and appropriate workplace attitude.

Family Stability

Core interventions and education to strengthen Baltimore families.

The Baltimore Responsible Fatherhood Project (BRFP) is a 30-day program that helps fathers become more emotionally and financially involved in the lives of their children. Through BRFP, fathers, ages 18 years and older, receive intensive case management, barrier removal support, assistance with managing their child support obligations, employment readiness services, and training to understand the full responsibilities of parenting and building healthier relationships with their children.

Couples Advancing Together (CAT) is an 8-week workshop that helps couples move toward stable relationships and family-friendly career planning designed to improve their economic circumstances and provide lasting support for family units. (The program is currently undergoing a redesign and not accepting applicants.)

National Services

Initiatives to spread our impact and expand our reach beyond the Center’s doors.

Practitioners Leadership Institute (PLI) is a nationally focused initiative designed to provide Responsible Fatherhood, Workforce Development, and Family Strengthening practitioners with experiences, skills and information that will strengthen their ability to improve outcomes for low-income fathers and families, impacting black male achievement. Most recently, PLI has turned its focus to local, grassroots practitioners who serve Baltimore’s Boys & Men of Color (BMOC). In April 2018, PLI launched it’s inaugural BMOC 7-month cohort. PLI focuses on building leadership capacity among the BMOC Fellows via investments that retool leaders, build community networks, leverage funding sources and systems, and develop leadership skills.

The Center for Urban Families develops and maintains relationships with local, state, and federal government agencies and other allied stakeholders to establish or reform policies and systems that impact the ability for our members to best provide for themselves, their families, and the community.