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What to Expect

You Are Wanted Here at CFUF

No matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done in your past, you are welcome at the Center for Urban Families.

There are no judgments here—just people who want to hear your story (if you’re comfortable sharing), and who want to help you take the first steps towards a better life. When you visit our office, we’ll ask you some questions that will help us figure out which programs will work best for you.

From there we’ll talk through how to make the most of your program, like if you need transportation, child care, or any other help so you can best focus on your path forward. And don’t think we’re out of your life once you start a program, or even once you graduate—we’ll be here with you for the long haul. Once a member, always a member at CFUF.

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Check out the types of programs we offer at CFUF

Some of the Things We Can Help With

  • Learning how to get a job and keep a job
  • Resume, cover letter, and other professional skills
  • Working on having the right attitude for success
  • Maintaining healthy family relationships
  • Help with navigating the child support system
  • Parole services available on site
  • Professional clothing closet
  • Referral services
  • Expungement/Legal Services

Our In-House Programs

  • STRIVE® Baltimore
  • Back to Business
  • Baltimore Responsible Fatherhood
  • Practitioners Leadership Institute

Any of This Sound Good to You?

Fantastic! When you’re ready to get started, stop by our office at 2201 North Monroe Street in West Baltimore, or give us a call at 410-367-5691. We’re so excited to get to meet you!